17.Apr.12 - 17.May.12

BILLABONG FLOW LEAGUE 2012 (FLOWBARREL) FINALS The Billabong Flow League 2012 concluded in style with the top four teams giving their all in an epic showdown of grits and valor. Warming up the crowd in the first rounds were Team I Am versus Team Outlaw Ratz. Captain Arthur Kor wobbled on his run against high flyer Fariz who took advantage of Arthur’s wipe outs and emerged with a slight margin to his team mates jubilation. With mounting pressure on Takin’s shoulder, he pulled off his standard array of moves against Sunny. Now we have to mention he is especially proud of his new found mobility on the fire hydrant. The subsequent conservative play from the Outlaw Ratz did little to impress the judges who gave the round to Team I Am.


Outlaw’s Captain Fariz in Action

The intensity were raised higher in the following round when Team Flow Dolls went up against Team Cheeky Mangoes. Captain Alfian put up an impressive fight against fellow Billabong rider Ili Lim and raised a slight margin over her right from the beginning. The Flow Dolls retaliated strongly and were hopeful of overtaking the mangoes who were experiencing a series of wipe out much to the Flow Dolls delight. Roszainy took a huge leap forward with a solid display of shuvits, snaps and olie 180. A huge debate between the riders and judges ensued following a last run of bodyboarders from both camps. The round was eventually won by the Cheeky Mangoes despite promising efforts from the Flow Dolls due to the margins created through Alfian and Roszainy’s runs against Ili and PY.

Team Cheeky Mangoes’s Captain Alfian in Action

Meeting up in the finals were Team I Am and Cheeky Mangoes who just one week ago had outshone their rival in the Billabong Flow League #5. Captain Alfian fumbled in his strapless run with 2 wipe outs and 1 too many in the strapped run. Arthur took advantage of Alfian’s weak run and hammered in 4 solid airs to secure the first battle. There was an obvious chain effect down the line of Cheeky Mangoes as Team I Am ‘out-flow’ them in the subsequent run. Due to an injury, Rendi Rastafari sat out of the bodyboard run having being replaced by Alfian. Despite a spirited attempt by Alfian, seasoned bodyboarder Vincent Aung proved too hard to overcome.

Seasoned Bodyboarder Vincent Aung

The Billabong Flow League 2012 Finals have the following result:

Champion: I Am
2nd Place: Cheeky Mangoes
3rd Place: Outlaw Ratz

Winners of the Weekly Challenge:
#1: Rendi Rastafari (Bodyboarder)
#2: Takin Arakawa (Advance Flowboarder)
#3: Leanna Crowley (Amateur Flowboarder)
#4: Roszainy (Amateur Flowboarder)
#5: Bernard (Beginner Flowboarder)
#6: Fariz (Expert Flowboarder)

The Billabong Flow League 2012 was proudly brought to you by Billabong and Wave House Sentosa.

Riders, may the Flow be with you!