30 April 2011

Attention flowriders and flowriding enthusiasts – the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! The FLOW (Flowriding League of the World) Championships are set to take place at Wave House Durban South Africa on October 5th-9th. The 2011 Championships mark the 3rd annual FLOW Championships and will draw the world's best flowriders from the US, Singapore, Chile, Dubai, UK and various other countries.

01 March 2011 - 31 March 2011

The Flow Jam returned to Wave House Sentosa and was better than ever with over 60 competitors, awesome prizes and a little rain to cool off the hot bodies. With 8 divisions we had great performances from not just the pros but some beginners as well. With cheers from the crowd and high fives from fellow competitors everyone was feeling the love of the sport.

08 November 2010

Congrats again to team USA: 2010 International FLOW Champions! Welcome to a new age of flowboarding, courtesy of the International FLOW Championship finals; the benchmark has officially been raised. The contest director kept the results from the previous two days of riding confidential, so everyone was left in the dark as to the standings for both the teams and individual rankings. The only option any rider had, was to go all out in pursuit of the win, which is exactly what they did.


01 November 2010

SINGAPORE – 01 November 2010: The winners of the International FLOW (Flowriding League of the World) Championships  were announced on Sunday at Wave House Sentosa after an intense and exciting weekend.

31 October 2010

Saturday was barrel day. The first day of competition on the FlowBarrel with the DropKnee and Strapless divisions. After the intensity of the FlowRider comps everyone was fired up and ready for more. Teams have been calculating what they need and extrapolating results to see who would be facing who.

The World FlowRider Champions Team has been a force to be reckoned with so far and their continued domination could have had a lot of people heading home with egg on their faces. People were taking the semis very seriously and not holding. Noone wanted to risk missing out on a spot in the final.


31 October 2010

Ili Lim of Team Asia has only been flowboarding since Wave House opened in Singapore in October 2009. Though that's just one year, Ili has come a long way. First she traveled to San Diego, CA in the United States to compete in the CBS College Sports ALT Games. Next she became the first female flowboarder to be sponsored after getting the attention of RipCurl. Today, she has come even further and has taken the World Champion Expert Lady Flowboarder Title. Congratulations to Ili and to Team USA who are the "World Champions"!


30 October 2010

The International FLOW Champs are underway at Wave House Sentosa! The FlowRider portion of the competition is over and done with and the FlowBarrel is up next! After the buildup of the qualifying rounds and the World FlowRider Championships yesterday, expectations are boiling over!


29 October 2010

The Live Streaming Video of the World FlowRider Championships was a great success last night! Stay tuned to Wavehouse.com Friday - Sunday for live video, Twitter and Facebook updates and Live Chats on the International FLOW Championships where the World FlowRider Champions will compete against Teams USA, South Africa, Chile, Singapore and UAE for the World Title.

If you missed yesterday's stream, check out videos of last night's action on our Ustream channel!

29 October 2010

The World FlowRider Championships came to a thrilling close last night at Wave House Sentosa! CHECK OUT THE FULL RESULTS ON WAVEHOUSE.COM

29 October 2010

Quincy Vlijtig, one of four riders on Team Europe to compete in the World FlowRider Championships last night, blew everyone away with his insane control and fast, aggressive style. After a close race in the finals, Quincy qualified second and has made the World FlowRider Champion Team, set to compete against Teams USA, South Africa, Chile, Singapore and UAE in the International FLOW Championships!